Outside The Huddle – Steps to Developing a Game Plan for Life

From star athlete to accomplished businessman, Tyrone Smith empowers, motivates, and inspires anyone who listens to his message. When Tyrone communicates the key strategies that have taken him from meager beginnings to success, both athletically and personally, others, in turn, discover their own personal greatness and potential.

A former NFL player with the San Francisco 49ers, Tyrone now spends his time showing others how to score in life. His new book, Outside The Huddle – Steps to Developing a Game Plan for Life, recalls his own journey from an at-risk, inner city youth with school struggles and personal defeat to graduating from Baylor University with a B.A. in Sociology, and ultimately, playing in the NFL. The lessons he learned along the way have given birth to an explosive message that will infuse readers with creative solutions and fresh perspectives.

Walter Abercrombie, M.S. Ed., former NFL running back and Executive Director of “B” Association at Baylor University, says, “If you are a young person wanting to find your true purpose in life, or if you are a caring mom, dad, or coach looking for a practical, easy-to-understand resource, this book is for you.” 

In Outside The Huddle – Steps to Developing a Game Plan for Life, Tyrone delivers a winning combination of personal empowerment and positive influence to create a highly readable work of art and formula for success. According to Tyrone, “…anyone with a desire and a dream can accomplish their goals.” The difference between mediocrity and greatness is knowing how to navigate the right paths using discipline, commitment, teamwork and perseverance.

In the book, Tyrone states, “Progress equals the pursuit of passions when one is finding their purpose in life. People told me that I wouldn't accomplish a lot in life because I didn't come from the best community. I didn't come from a perfect household, I wasn't smart enough and I wasn't big enough to play football, but who cares?

When you find your purpose in life and realize that operating in what you are gifted to do is weighty, do it well and you will certainly find progress. When I knew that my purpose in life was to make a difference in the lives of others, I didn't need anyone to validate the work that I was inspired to do and get up each day to forge ahead! Your desire should be to become a better person tomorrow than you are today!” The eight Power Principles that Tyrone shares are the key components that anyone can use to achieve their own success in whatever field they find themselves on.

The objective of the book is to help individuals to define success as it applies to their dreams and goals by utilizing the principles that Tyrone Smith has developed throughout his life long journey as a young man in elementary, junior high school, high school, college (Baylor University) and his career in the NFL.

The key feature of the book is the in depth perspective of Tyrone Smith and the first hand look into the life of a young African American man who came from meager beginnings, and found success by following the path outlined by the principles in the book. Tyrone realizes that his story will empower, motivate and inspire individuals to think twice about giving up in life.

The key benefit of Outside The Huddle – Steps to Developing a Game Plan for Life is that the audience will be able to learn from the life lessons throughout the book and apply the knowledge gained through each experience to their own lives. This is a benefit because Tyrone Smith has achieved goals that many of the readers may have for themselves, and through his experiences he shares with the audience what it takes to accomplish success.